Barclay Villa Wedding | Shelly & Marco

I am so excited to share this gorgeous wedding!! I have been waiting for Marco and Shelly to get back from their honeymoon so they could be the first ones to see it! Everything was so beautiful even if the weather wanted to play tricks on us. There was even a sweet first touch before the ceremony shared between Marco and Shelly that made the anticipation that much stronger. During the ceremony the wind picked up a bit and the clouds swooped in but nothing was going to stop this sweet couple from smiling from ear to ear… that veil blowing in the wind made the perfect touch! The sun decided to peek through the clouds for a couple photos which made me so very happy!! Enjoy this stunning wedding and all the prettiness Sweet Sarabell and her team made possible!


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Congrats Shelly and Marco, we hope you have a wonderful life together!!!

Venue: Barclay Villa
Florist: Sweet Sarabell
Caterer: Unforgettable Food Affairs
Makeup and Hair done by: Tanas Hair Designs and Day Spa (specifically Chris Phillips doing bride hair and makeup and Kelsey Hazinski as the other hair sytlist)
Dress Boutique purchased from: Lana Addison Bridal, Cary, NC
Planner: Sarah Shumay with Sweet Sarabell
Cake designer: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery & Café, Cary, NC
Invitations/programs made by: Corie Chrisawn (Corie Designs)
Officiant: Chris Cockerham
DJ: Scotty Williams with Making Memories DJ
Shoes: Nina
Guys Suits/tuxes: Jose A Banks