Our 3 Year Anniversary

I cannot believe it’s been three years already! June 4, 2011 Rob and I said I do in the beautiful town of Corolla in the Outer Banks.
We have had our ups and downs but have always gotten past the downs. I believe in amazing marriages and that is exactly what I have!!
God definitely sent me a wonderful man who takes care of his family and has the biggest heart! He knows how to have fun and be goofy, we definitely have had some great times! He loves The Lord and leads his family the way it should be lead! He follows his dreams and his passions and has made sure I so the same! He is my rock, my safe place, and my protector.

I still remember walking down the aisle and seeing his face. I feels like it was just yesterday. The last three years has been the best journey I could have ever asked for and I wouldn’t change anything! Our marriage has definitely grown and I can’t wait to spend another 100 years with the man of my dreams.

I remember telling Rob while on our honey moon in the Dominican Republic 3 years ago that I wanted to do Vow Renewal at either 5 or 10 years!! As much as I miss planning my wedding, it’s safe to say I think it may happen at 5 years!!! 🙂

For anyone out there that may be struggling in their marriage and not sure where to look…..look to the One that can save anything, the One that can soften even the hardest of hearts and renew anything! Put Christ first in your marriage and everything else falls into place! I PROMISE!

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