Meet our new Associates!


We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives and business! We are so honored to welcome Amie and Jen as our two new amazing associates! Rob and I have been praying real hard on this crazy notion that we might want to add associates to our team! Thankfully our prayers were answered and we felt that we were being told to just go for it! With a little bit of fear but a whole lot of faith we made this little dream of ours a reality. We are so thankful for our couples and want to better serve you, so we felt this was the best way to do that! We hated turning away so many due to budgets and already being booked, so we added Amie and Jen!

We we would like to introduce you to Amie and Jen! Get to know a little bit more about us and these lovely ladies below!

Rob and I are a husband and wife team, so when you see one of us you usually see the other. This is my full time gig but Rob does work another full-time job so we are very blessed his job allows for him to be with me and our wonderful couples on the weekends! We were married 5 years ago and now have the cutest little girl, Paisley who is the light of our life!  We have been shooting for almost 6 years and have shot over 100 weddings. We love, love, love our couples and being able to document someones love story is the biggest honor we could have! 



The “real” us!



Amie has been our intern now for almost 2 years and has been second shooting and assisting us for about 1.5 years. Amie is so talented and can rock out some beautiful photos! We are so excited to have her on our team officially now! Be sure to inquire quickly for Amie as she is already booking up pretty quick!! 

Hey there! I’m Amie (with an ie)! I’m a native of northwest Pennsylvania, transplanted to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for 7 years, and now call Raleigh, North Carolina my forever home where I’m blessed to live this life with my husband and our two children.  I love everything about North Carolina from the stunning mountains to the sandy beaches and everything in between.  This is where I’m meant to be.

I truly believe I have the best job ever and it is my privilege to be a part of your joy-filled day. I love beautiful weddings and the commitment of marriage.  I strive to genuinely serve my clients and provide an incredible experience while capturing the most important moments of their lives. I promise to capture the love and connection between you and yours so you always remember your happy ever after.

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I am so glad Jen contacted us about the associate position because this girl is so great at what she does! Jen has a heart of gold and an eye for detail which is perfect for any wedding day! We are so excited to have her on our team and can’t wait to see all she does for our wonderful couples! 

I’m a west-coast girl living in a North Carolina world (it’s a lot prettier here). I come from a huge family and I love it! Nothing fills my heart like big family dinners and long campfire talks with the people you love!

I am a mother and an entrepreneur who is completely in love with my family, my Jesus and my coffee. I’m a free spirit and I don’t even know the meaning to the phrase “slow down.” I love adventure, art, yoga and Marvel comics. My passion is creating new things and documenting life, my heart beats for it! I live in Apex with my adorable kids and I love, love, love traveling!

I have been a photographing people’s stories since 2010 and I absolutely adore this job!

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Brides who love the look and quality of Amy Allen Photography but can’t spend $3800+ on their wedding photography, can still get the same style that comes with the Amy Allen brand! When you book an associate collection, you will get an associate photographer whose photography style is similar to Amy’s. Whether it’s Amie or Jen showing up to your wedding on the big day to capture everything, Amy will be the one editing everything so that you still get the Amy Allen look!

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Ambers Bachelorette Weekend | Champagne Campaign

Well my baby sister is getting married in less than a month and this past weekend we celebrated her bachelorette party in Charlotte! We had such a blast and I am so excited to stand by my sisters side on her wedding day!!
Unfortunately my phone died the day before we left, like died as in was fried and wouldn’t turn back on and was a goner…. so I was without a phone the whole trip. I was super bummed at first but thankful I had my camera! Here is a little peek at our crazy weekend! I would also like to thank the girls that celebrated Amber and made all of this happen! Amber you have some amazing friends and am so happy for you!!!

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If you don’t succeed, try try again! untitled-8207untitled-8206untitled-8202untitled-8201  untitled-8198 untitled-8197


The girls got some great phone shots that I had to share! 13907069_10207256017784390_1687213833464539987_n 13903238_10206232839370978_7020840555612442625_n45unnamed


We met Shep from Southern Charm… Ive never seen the show but am definitely going to have to start watching it now! 13934830_10206233647231174_2409855116914492391_nunnamed   13661952_10103503043055549_8568730656091476649_o13902621_10208684645585073_4684228996815036319_n1234


On our way to brunch! We had the best chicken and waffles and french toast in this world! I couldn’t stop eating!!! 13879397_10208682710816705_2691749514463629456_n1231213886876_10206239951388774_722441422819172466_n

Paisley turns ONE! July 7, 2016


It was a year ago today when the contractions started. Early in the morning I knew they were more than just Braxton Hicks. I headed to the doctor and they tried to tell me it was nothing, to suck it up (literally they told me to suck it up). In tears thinking how could it get any worse than this they decided to keep me there to observe me. Sure enough 2 hours later they told me to head to the hospital that Paisley was on her way. Duh, I thought…. I told y’all that, in the hormoney, crazy person type of voice in my head! At 9:11pm that night, Paisley made her entrance into this world and our life has never been the same. From the late night feedings, to the she just pooped all over me, her very first smile, to her very first step. We are so grateful to be called your parents baby girl and our hearts will always be walking on the outside of our bodies now. You bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. Happy birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful baby girl in the world, we love you!

View our birth story here:


We had so much fun doing Paisley’s cake smash. She wasn’t too sure about it but that didn’t stop her from smiling ear to ear thanks to daddy’s crazy dance moves!

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Each month I took a photo of sweet Paisley Grace documenting some of her favorites to see how much she changed each month. I cannot believe how fast this time went!



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Marker 137 Bridal Shower | Amber

This past weekend we made our way to Wilmington where my mom and I threw Amber her bridal shower. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day! We loved hosting the cutest brunch at Marker 137. I love love love this venue, the views are breathtaking! We invited family and Amber’s closest friends that made it so special to see. With a mimosa bar and the cutest cake pops everything was just as we wanted and so gorgeous! A huge thank you to Marker 137 for letting us use their beautiful venue on the waterway and Martha My Dear Rentals for all of the gorgeous furniture and decor!
Amber we cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle and celebrate you and John as a married couple!

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Our new adventure….

If you haven’t heard our sweet little family is making our way to Apex. We are building a house and closing at the end of June! We are so excited and cannot wait to start our new adventure in this cute little town! Paisley will be able to grow up in a cul-de-sac and we will be right down from the pool and playground, so if you can’t find us at home we will more than likely be at the pool getting our swim and tan on!

One little change we are making is no more studio. You heard it right. In this season of our lives we will be focusing on weddings and portrait sessions outdoors, but we will be taking a limited amount of lifestyle newborn sessions throughout the year. This is where I come to your home and capture your family and your sweet new little one in your element. If you are interested in lifestyle sessions or family sessions please inquire because I will only be taking a few throughout the year. We will also continue to do outdoor cake smash sessions and maternity! YAY!!

Our little business is getting super busy which is so amazing and we feel so blessed to have so many wonderful brides and grooms. We will be taking a limited amount of 2017 weddings as we want to have more family time. Paisley is almost one (bring out the Kleenex) and we want to be able to focus on our couples more and spending more time with her rather than sitting behind a computer all week everyday. To do this we have to cut back a bit. Thank you to all of our clients, couples, and followers. We feel so blessed to have such a successful business and it wouldn’t be what it is without each of you!

Below are a few photos from our last studio session, which is also the very last client studio session. So bitter sweet!  And who knows if I miss it too much and I may bring it back in a few years!! 🙂


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Wrightsville Beach Mommy & Me Session | Family Portraits

I was so excited when the sun finally came out Easter weekend….although it was on the day we were leaving, I was still super excited about our Mommy and Me session I have been wanting to get! It ended up being family portrait time which was perfect since it was such a beautiful day!! I am in love with these and will cherish them forever!! Paisley is definitely a beach baby and loved the sand and cold ocean water!!!
Photos by Amy and Rob Allen


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A little about your photographers….as a couple and as a husband and wife team!

We are getting close to the beginning of yet another crazy year of weddings. We are so excited to see what 2016 has in store for us! We have booked so many brides and grooms for this year…some we have met personally and some we just have spoken with through email! I wanted to answer some questions that most of our past brides have had and share a little bit about Amy Allen Photography. Who we are as a couple, as a husband and wife team, and explain the why behind what we do!

I was raised by the ocean in a lovely city called Wilmington, NC. I definitely still have salt in my veins and will until the day I die! I have always had an artistic side whether it be playing the flute in band, starting dance at the age of 3 and competing up until college, or carrying that camera around annoying the mess out of my family with all the pictures I HAVE to take. Most days you will find me in yoga pants, hair in a messy bun, and drinking way to much dunkin doughnuts coffee! I have a love for animals (mostly boxers), yoga and working out, spending time with “true” amazing friends that can make me laugh until it hurts, and a love for my baby girl Paisley and husband Rob like no other!

Rob and I love what we do!! We have such a passion for capturing a couples wedding day knowing what we are documenting on their wedding day; our couple, their families, and so many of their friends will cherish for days, weeks, and years to come! They are leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren, and we get to capture it all. We are storytellers that know how important a wedding day is, but also know how important the marriage is. We not only go into shooting a wedding day for one of our couples just to get gorgeous photos of the bridal bouquet, the a-line lace wedding gown, or uncle Bob tearing it up on the dance floor. We go into a wedding day being able to capture the raw, intimate love between a husband and wife praying they always see the beauty in each other even when it is so very hard to see. Once the flowers have died, the cake is gone, and the food is eaten all you have are the photos to look at to remember exactly how your wedding day was.

I am so in love with wedding photography that I am not only going to be the matron of honor in my sisters wedding, but we are also shooting it! That’s right…..cue all the gasps and how in the worlds!! Trust me it can be done and we are so excited about it! But that just goes to show how important wedding photos are to us that I just couldn’t give that to someone else. To be able to shoot my sisters wedding literally brings me to tears. Knowing that I get to capture my own sisters wedding day, the day she has dreamed of her whole life…since she was a little girl, the day she gets to give herself to her husband, the best day of her life…..I get to capture all of that! There is no way I could turn that down. Every little girl dreams of her prince charming and we are here to document it…… we are so very lucky and blessed to have this awesome job!  To be able to shoot a couples wedding is an honor. I remember the feelings I had leading up to my wedding day and we want our couples to enjoy the whole process.  I want my brides to know they can relax and enjoy everything knowing we are capturing everything!  I hope that explains a little more of why we do what we do and why we are so invested in our couples and their special day! I remember how it was to walk down the aisle in my white, sweetheart neckline, satin wedding gown. Makeup done, hair perfectly in an updo, walking around the corner with me on my dad’s arm…… all eyes on me and my eyes locked on him. That right there is why we do what we do…. the love, the emotion, the tears, and the happily ever afters!

We have almost hit our 100 wedding mark and feel so very thankful for all of our couples for choosing us and trusting us with your special day. We take what we do very seriously, and like I always say and I will say it again we are not there to just snap some photos and leave…..we become invested in you as a couple and leave with amazing friends that were once just an inquiry. Come on wedding season we are so ready for you!!!!!


A few heart felt photos that we just love! ❤

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Paisley’s Room | Personal

When deciding how I wanted to design and decorate Paisleys room I almost had a mental breakdown! There are so many cute girl things out there and I wanted it to be perfect! I have now learned that babies dont really spend that much time in their room and I was stressing over nothing, but non the less I am so glad we went all out for her room and can’t wait for her to spend more time in there when she’s older!!
I started off with a beach whale theme….then half way through decided on Paisley print with pinks and teals. I think my husband has a heart of gold and not sure how he puts up with my indecisiveness sometimes!! LOL So happy I can share Paisleys gorgeous room with everybody!!

Decor and bedding is from My Baby Sam, Inc.



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We are looking for 2016 interns!!!!

It is that time of year again!! We are searching for interns interested in growing in the photography field. Things are getting busier and busier and we want to share our knowledge and growth with someone looking to learn and is committed to this wonderful field of photography!



Ideally looking for a student or someone who has begun to build their portfolio. Someone who is eager to learn how to run a photography business and might be interested in becoming an associate photographer in the near future.

Ideal candidate will be outgoing, a hard worker, have very high customer service skills, and willing to work weddings on the weekends. Intern is expected to have full understanding of shooting in manual mode, have their own equipment, a full understanding of how to properly use their equipment and experience with Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. This is an unpaid internship that ideally will turn into an associate photographer position for the right candidate.

To start, the intern will be expected to assist during wedding day activities, but will have the potential to be a paid second shooter and eventually an associate photographer.

At weddings you will be responsible for

Setting up lighting

Guarding gear for photographers

Calling out names for family portraits

Other duties as assigned

Possible second shooting when needed

If you are interested, please send your resume/experience to Amy at


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2016 year, filled with beautiful couples and weddings!


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