Romantic Sunset Engagement Session | Laura & Will

I was so excited when I heard Laura got engaged!!! Rob and I shot her sister Jessi’s wedding last year and fell in love with this sweet family!!! I was able to head back to Oxford for Laura and Wills engagement session and loved every second of it! We started in downtown Oxford and walked around for a little bit. I think Laura knew everyone in that cute little town…we got so many honks!

We then made our way to some land that some of Laura’s family owned and I was in heaven! It was a photographers dream!!! From the cute little pond, to the sunset over the hills, we had so much orange glow and the prettiest of sunsets!!!! Enjoy this sun soaked engagement session!!!

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Downtown Apex Engagement Session | Liz & Joe

Liz and Joe came all the way from Washington DC for their engagement session and to top it off just in time for the day after Hurricane Matthew! We knew there was no rescheduling this one so we chose the cutest little downtown area to start at… none other than Downtown Apex! Thank goodness for lots of morning sunshine and the wind blowing at the perfect times! After walking through downtown we headed to Tyler’s Taproom where there was some inspiration from this sweet couple for some wings photos!! I literally cannot even explain how much fun this session was!! Be sure to take a look below at an amazing time with these two!

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Gregory Vineyards Engagement Session | Amber & Wes

Y’all I was able to document the sweetest engagement session. Amber and Wes are saying I do in Ohio and we could not be more excited for them!!
We started off by the pond and tall trees for more of a fall look, which was perfect thanks to the little bit of breeze we got. Amber and Wes then changed into their second outfit and we went grape stomping…kind of! 🙂 What a great idea and seriously the cutest! Our brides have the best ideas and I love when they run with them because it makes my job so much fun! I can sum up their engagement session with one word… FUN! Aside from the drinking on the shoot, there was a relaxed and joking vibe that really carried through the session with so much serenity.
And of course with their third outfit we had to go for a champagne toast to end the session with. Amber’s dress was stunning and these two are nothing short of the most perfect couple! I could have shot at this vineyard all day! SO very pretty!

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Coastal Engagement Session | Kayla & Alex

Oh I absolutely loved this coastal engagement session! I grew up with Kayla and her sister and am just so excited she has found the man of her dreams! We will be making our way to Virginia next month to capture their wedding and Rob and I are so excited! When you are raised in Wilmington, an engagement session at the beach is a must and we could not have picked a more beautiful day! Kayla and Alex we cannot wait to see you in a few short weeks!! Enjoy!

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Romantic Sunrise Wrightsville Beach Engagement Session | Rachel & Chris

There are no words for how much I absolutely LOVE this session! My all-time favorite location to shoot is at the beach, hands down! When paired with a gorgeous couple and sunrise, a blush tulle skirt, a vintage couch, AND lots of love I was in heaven! Obviously nobody likes getting up before dawn but it was totally worth it!

When Rachel told me she would be renting a vintage couch for the shoot I was so excited!!! I love any kind of vintage prop but on the beach it was perfect!!! It was so romantic and added just the right touch for these two and their session! Nothing more romantic than sitting in the arms of the one you love watching the sun rise!

Rachel and Chris like to have fun and we sure as heck did!!! They popped open some champagne and toasted…it’s 5:00 somewhere right!!!? After shooting at the beach we made our way to this sweet couples venue at The Carolina Yacht Club for a few shots and then across the street to the inter-coastal waterway which I might have to add was probably my favorite!

I am so excited to shoot Rachel and Chris’s wedding next year!!!

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