CLIC photos!

I am so excited to be posting the remaining photos from the CLIC conference! I learned so much from this experience and was able to meet and learn from two of the best photographers I know! I can say I left with a lot of new friends, a new mindset, and some awesome photos!! Enjoy!

2014-04-04_0001 2014-04-04_0002 2014-04-04_0003 2014-04-04_0005 2014-04-04_0006 5V2A3715 5V2A3716 5V2A3720 5V2A3774 5V2A3790 5V2A3798 5V2A3801 5V2A38445V2A3843 5V2A38452014-04-04_00072014-04-04_00092014-04-04_0008 5V2A38515V2A38155V2A38165V2A38315V2A38325V2A38355V2A38725V2A39102014-04-04_00102014-04-04_00115V2A39165V2A39255V2A39305V2A39485V2A39515V2A39525V2A39645V2A40055V2A40085V2A40095V2A40115V2A40225V2A40485V2A40655V2A40645V2A40815V2A40845V2A40885V2A40995V2A41005V2A41065V2A39615V2A39622014-04-04_00122014-04-04_00132014-04-04_00152014-04-04_00165V2A41295V2A41735V2A41855V2A42155V2A4219

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