Why engagement sessions are so important!

On your wedding day you will probably spend more time with your photographer than anybody else! It is crucial to feel comfortable with them and trust them with your day! More times than not most couples feel very awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera and it is the photographers job to make you feel as comfortable as they can! Trust me if you are uneasy or uncomfortable it will show in the photos! An engagement session helps with this!

During the engagement session I learn so much about my bride and groom and they learn a lot about me. We exchange stories and laughs and by the end I feel like I’m leaving knowing I have made new friends! If you have someone you can trust and be comfortable in front of taking your photos, you will be more relaxed and feel more at ease in front of the camera! Plus we have so much fun in the process!

Think of it as a trial run for your wedding day! It gives you a chance to get those nervous jitters out and get comfy with the camera! Engagement sessions allow me to see how you interact with one another, and how you show your love towards each other. Are you silly? Are you quiet? Are you reserved? DO you love PDA and showing how much you love each other to the world? Seeing how you are together during your engagement session helps me know the best way to pose you and interact with you on your wedding day! I’m sure if you’re like me you have a good side and a bad side, I find all of this information out at the engagement session. We don’t have to spend time worrying about what poses you like and don’t like at the wedding because I will already know! Which means more time for you to boogey at the reception!

It will boost your confidence like crazy! When you’re confident, it shows in your images. After my couples have seen how they rocked their engagement session, they feel more confident on their wedding day! Confidence is not something that always comes naturally, especially in front of a camera! But you will be like a rock star on your wedding day, just you wait and see!

Did your fiancé propose at a special place…..maybe where you went on your first date, or somewhere meaningful to the two of you! This is your chance to get photos taken there! You get to choose the spot. From the ice-cream parlor you went on your first date, to the beach where you spent your first summer as a couple, or even taking a stroll through downtown hand in hand! This session is about the two of you and being able to capture the love you have.

Now let’s schedule your engagement session and get some amazing shots! What are you waiting for!!!? 5V2A9211-15V2A7172-15V2A8951-15V2A8991-1  5V2A1607-1IMG_72375V2A1578-15V2A8051-15V2A8025-15V2A8027-1

Why it might be a good idea for you to have an unplugged wedding!

So there I am at a beautiful wedding capturing the sentimental moments; the ring exchanges, the “I do’s”, the kiss, and then the walk down the aisle as husband and wife! I mean the wedding photographer is supposed to capture it all right!! RIGHT!!! But wait oh no, Uncle Bob just jumped out in front of me! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
In today’s world everyone has a DSLR camera or feels they need to capture the day as they see it from their eyes as a guest at a wedding. Nothing will erk a photographer more than trying their hardest to get some amazing photos and then having someone jump in front of them or having everyone looking down at their phone or camera screens.
The first one bugs me a bit more only because there is only one ring exchange, only one kiss, and only one exit! Once it’s missed it is gone, poof never again will you have that moment again! I have had backs of head shots, guests jumping out into the aisle to get shots of the bride and groom kissing or exiting and so many more. As a guest of a wedding I feel you should want to be APART of the wedding, be truly present and support the bride and groom in what they are embarking on on that special day…leave the rest to the photographer!

I understand the guests want to leave with something physical that they can have or touch from the wedding, and photos leave you with memories and something to look back on. But as a bride and groom I know most, if not all would prefer to get a ton of amazing shots from your photographer rather than a couple of okay shots from your Aunt Betty!
Having “unplugged” weddings help us out tremendously and seriously go a long way! If your guests know that you want them present and in the moment of this sacred day, I think they would understand and leave the devices in the purse or in the car.

With that being said there are some really great ideas and cute ways to let your guests know you are having an unplugged wedding. I have a wedding this weekend and they sent out an email to their guests informing the guests to be “unplugged” .

First, we are having an “unplugged” ceremony!
It is important to us that everyone be able to truly relax and enjoy our marriage celebration. We invite you to be fully present with us, and we respectfully ask everyone to be “unplugged” from cellphones and cameras so we may have the pleasure of seeing your faces and smiles. Thank you!

A few more ideas…..

* Put a nicely displayed sign at the ceremony. Have a chalkboard at the entry of the ceremony explaining you are having an “unplugged” wedding.
*Have it stated in your programs or invitations.
*Have your officiate mention it at the beginning of the ceremony.
“The couple respectfully requests that all guests honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras.”

Commit to showing your guests the photos after you receive them, after all that is all they want! TO remember a day that was so special to them, your wedding day!

Engagement shoot “what to expect” guide

Hey there!
This is your guide to your engagement session with yours truly, Amy Allen. None of this is mandatory, just some little hints to help you along the way! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
I look forward to shooting with you!

You will have 2 outfit changes each! I love helping out couples with this so feel free to bring what you like and we can look at them together before the shoot to see what looks best!
My photography focuses on light, so the best colors to wear would be light, airy colors. Stay away from dark colors like black and dark blue tops! I love to see the ladies in scarves, big necklaces/jewelry, boots, and any kind of accessory! 🙂
Blush, gold, pastels, yellow, etc. Below are a few examples that I adore:



Props always bring a nice element to the shoot! I typically bring my ampersand sign, love sign, and a blanket. Feel free to bring whatever you like or rent something that you just have to have….couch, antique piece, etc.



I have had couples bring the cutest things…..something they have made with their wedding date, names, flowers, or even baby pictures! The sky is the limit here!! Have some fun with it!

I usually shoot outdoors in an open field, beach, farm, etc where there is lots of light, sun-flare, and open space for twirling and dipping your fiancé! If you prefer a different location or something indoors we will be sure to go over that beforehand!

I usually like to start in the afternoon and shoot until sunset. The best lighting is right before the sun goes down! If you prefer sunrise, I am totally okay with that as well!!

Feel free to bring a pair of walking shoes (flip flops), sometimes we walk a bit to get to different amazing locations. Sunglasses and a bottle of water are always great to bring as well just in case! Ladies if you want your makeup to look as fabulous as it did when you first arrived, bring it with you! Lipstick and lip-gloss can be a girl’s best friend at an engagement shoot!

I’ll be there with you every step of the way to direct you and pose you if needed! Be prepared, but once you get there just let go and show me that love the two of you share!

Remember to have fun
and relax!