Romantic Sunset Engagement Session | Laura & Will

I was so excited when I heard Laura got engaged!!! Rob and I shot her sister Jessi’s wedding last year and fell in love with this sweet family!!! I was able to head back to Oxford for Laura and Wills engagement session and loved every second of it! We started in downtown Oxford and walked around for a little bit. I think Laura knew everyone in that cute little town…we got so many honks!

We then made our way to some land that some of Laura’s family owned and I was in heaven! It was a photographers dream!!! From the cute little pond, to the sunset over the hills, we had so much orange glow and the prettiest of sunsets!!!! Enjoy this sun soaked engagement session!!!

20161017-0001-laurawillesession000120161017-0001-laurawillesession00532016-10-18_0001 20161017-0001-laurawillesession001720161017-0001-laurawillesession0006
2016-10-18_000220161017-0001-laurawillesession002820161017-0001-laurawillesession007920161017-0001-laurawillesession0101 20161017-0001-laurawillesession011120161017-0001-laurawillesession01212016-10-18_0003
20161017-0001-laurawillesession01402016-10-18_000520161017-0001-laurawillesession0154 2016-10-18_000420161017-0001-laurawillesession0195 20161017-0001-laurawillesession0184
20161017-0001-laurawillesession025120161017-0001-laurawillesession0279 20161017-0001-laurawillesession0283 20161017-0001-laurawillesession024920161017-0001-laurawillesession0301

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