Engagement Session | “What to expect” guide

Hey there!
This is your guide to your engagement session with yours truly, Amy Allen. None of this is mandatory, just some little hints to help you along the way! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
I look forward to shooting with you!

You will have 2 outfit changes each! I love helping out couples with this so feel free to bring what you like and we can look at them together before the shoot to see what looks best!
My photography focuses on light, so the best colors to wear would be light, airy colors. Although if my bride shows up in a little black dress and my groom in a suit I wont be disappointed! I have found that a casual look and a more formal look is the way to go to get more variety! I also love the more formal look in a field or downtown if possible, totally outside the box! 🙂 Also I love flowy dresses on my brides, it gives the photo more dimension if the wind blows and gives a natural romantic look in the photos! Ladies remember heels help elongate the legs, and professional hair and makeup can go a long way!

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I love blush, gold, pastels, yellow, etc. Below are a few examples that I adore:

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Props always bring a nice element to the shoot! I also love the picnic look as it is very romantic….especially in a field! Let me know if you decide to bring a blanket, wine, champagne, etc!!

I have had couples bring the cutest things…..something they have made with their wedding date, names, flowers, or even baby pictures! The sky is the limit here!! Have some fun with it!

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I usually shoot outdoors in an open field, beach, farm, etc where there is lots of light, sun-flare, and open space for twirling and dipping your fiancé! If you prefer a different location or something indoors we will be sure to go over that beforehand!

I usually like to start in the afternoon and shoot until sunset. The best lighting is right before the sun goes down! If you prefer sunrise, I am totally okay with that as well!!

Feel free to bring a pair of walking shoes (flip flops), sometimes we walk a bit to get to different amazing locations. Sunglasses and a bottle of water are always great to bring as well just in case! Ladies if you want your makeup to look as fabulous as it did when you first arrived, bring it with you! Lipstick and lip-gloss can be a girl’s best friend at an engagement shoot!

Ladies a few of my favorite looks! Heels, stunning dresses, and tulle skirts make for gorgeous photos and a more romantic feel!

7Z1A5205-1 7Z1A2801-1 7Z1A8159 7Z1A2229-15V2A3049



I’ll be there with you every step of the way to direct you and pose you if needed! Be prepared, but once you get there just let go and show me that love the two of you share! Here is a link to my pinterest board for engagement sessions!

Remember to have fun
and relax!

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