Virginia Backyard Wedding | Kayla & Alex


Rob and I made our way to Virginia this past weekend to shoot Kayla and Alex’s backyard wedding. Kayla’s sister and my sister were best friends in grade school and now so many years later I get the honor of shooting this sweet wedding. Everything was put together so well and the portraits are to die for thanks to the cutest rustic barn that was down the road and the gorgeous mountain sunset! So happy we could document this special day for such a special couple!

2016-10-18_0009kaylaalexwedding0013 2016-10-18_0010kaylaalexwedding0024kaylaalexwedding0045 kaylaalexwedding0069kaylaalexwedding00832016-10-18_0011kaylaalexwedding0102kaylaalexwedding1120 kaylaalexwedding1199kaylaalexwedding0111 kaylaalexwedding0141 kaylaalexwedding0143 kaylaalexwedding0146kaylaalexwedding01512016-10-18_0016 kaylaalexwedding0167 kaylaalexwedding0174kaylaalexwedding0253
kaylaalexwedding1245 kaylaalexwedding0282
kaylaalexwedding1321kaylaalexwedding1319kaylaalexwedding0569 kaylaalexwedding0582 kaylaalexwedding0597kaylaalexwedding0645
2016-10-18_0015kaylaalexwedding0677 kaylaalexwedding0662kaylaalexwedding0710
2016-10-18_0014kaylaalexwedding1111 2016-10-18_0012 kaylaalexwedding07912016-10-18_0018 kaylaalexwedding1022 kaylaalexwedding1010

Venue – Couple’s Home
Florist – Harris Teeter
Makeup and Hair: Hair by Karen Alphin for Plaza Hair Design and makeup by Casey Miller
Dress Boutique: The Wedding Dress Shoppe, Wilmington NC
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Cake designer – Laurie Grissom, Wilmington NC
Desserts: Rita Wagner with Ladybug Cupcakes and more
Officiant – Karen Brown, Wilmington NC
DJ – Roberto “DJ Freedom” Ortiz of Winchester, VA
Guys Suits/tuxes – Variable

Bakery 105 Wedding | Meg & Rob

I have known Meg for a little while now thanks to her working with my momma. As soon as she contacted me I knew I had to shoot her wedding! Number 1 she’s gorgeous, number 2 she wanted a first look, and number 3 her wedding was being held at Bakery 105…..I was in love! My love only grew for them when I saw them together! I know I say I have sweet couples, and I really do; but these two are so genuine and so stinking sweet!

Meg and Rob thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing Rob and I to document your perfect day! We could not have asked for a more amazing couples!!!


megrobwedding-12016-10-11_0007 megrobwedding-3


megrobwedding-16megrobwedding-14 megrobwedding-152016-10-11_0009megrobwedding-11megrobwedding-222016-10-11_0008megrobwedding-27megrobwedding-20megrobwedding-43megrobwedding-472016-10-11_0015megrobwedding-44megrobwedding-482016-10-11_0016megrobwedding-52megrobwedding-54
megrobwedding-32megrobwedding-30megrobwedding-33megrobwedding-34megrobwedding-61 megrobwedding-62 megrobwedding-63 megrobwedding-64 megrobwedding-103
megrobwedding-88megrobwedding-66 2016-10-11_0018 megrobwedding-842016-10-11_0020megrobwedding-78 megrobwedding-76megrobwedding-74 megrobwedding-77megrobwedding-75
megrobwedding-90megrobwedding-81 megrobwedding-71

megrobwedding-732016-10-11_0017 megrobwedding-992016-10-11_0019 megrobwedding-95megrobwedding-100megrobwedding-372016-10-11_0013 megrobwedding-392016-10-11_0014megrobwedding-422016-10-11_0021megrobwedding-109
2016-10-11_0022megrobwedding-111megrobwedding-112 megrobwedding-113 megrobwedding-116 megrobwedding-118 megrobwedding-117megrobwedding-119megrobwedding-122 megrobwedding-121 megrobwedding-124
megrobwedding-1252016-10-11_0024megrobwedding-126megrobwedding-131megrobwedding-133 megrobwedding-136 megrobwedding-1352016-10-11_0025 megrobwedding-144


Venue: Bakery 105

Florist: Jan Cheatham

Caterer: 128 South/Bakery 105 Catering

Hair-Laura Ferrell 

Dress designer: Essence of Australia

Dress Boutique: Coastal Knot

Bridesmaids Dresses by: Bill Levkoff, Dessy – Bella Bridesmaids

Planner: Wedding day coordinator, Meg Henson

Cake designer: Whole Foods of Wilmington

Officiant: Rev Henry “Skip” Corbett

DJ: Craig Mann with Active DJ

Guys Suits/tuxes: Men’s Warehouse


Sutherland Wedding | Colleen & Tyler


Oh Colleen and Tyler you stole our hearts from the first time we met you! Sometimes you meet people and you know they will have an impact on you for a very longtime….that is Colleen and Tyler! What a sweet sweet couple and their families were just the same!

Their wedding day was beautiful. The sun was shining, the venue was stunning, and Tyler had us in tears from the first look to the time we left and said our goodbyes! You will know exactly what Im talking about once you see these sweet photos! I hope y’all enjoy the most wonderful couple and the prettiest day we have seen in weeks!


7z1a32167z1a32297z1a32357z1a3275 7z1a3277 7z1a32822016-10-04_0033
7z1a32497z1a3264 7z1a32687z1a32607z1a32705v2a1809 5v2a18135v2a1811 5v2a1823 5v2a1863
7z1a33607z1a33715v2a19607z1a35137z1a3498 7z1a3502 7z1a35002016-10-04_0027 7z1a3401
2016-10-04_00287z1a3457 7z1a3423
2016-10-04_00377z1a34355v2a1878 5v2a1884 5v2a1894
5v2a20137z1a3704 7z1a37205v2a2027 7z1a37405v2a20445v2a20997z1a38127z1a39997z1a40077z1a40417z1a40202016-10-04_00415v2a2174
2016-10-04_00425v2a2157 2016-10-04_0043
7z1a40145v2a21352016-10-04_0025 7z1a35762016-10-04_0026 7z1a40672016-10-04_00247z1a35772016-10-04_00387z1a35747z1a4120 7z1a41222016-10-04_00397z1a4201 7z1a42337z1a4291 7z1a43895v2a23397z1a4532 7z1a4535 7z1a4537

Venue: The Sutherland

Florist: Tre Bella

Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

Makeup and Hair done by: Tristan with enV Salon in Apex 

Dress Boutique: Tre Bella

Bridesmaids Dresses : Alfred Angelo 

Bridesmaids Boutique : Bridal Suites of Centereach in Centereach, NY

Day of Coordinator, Donna Burnette

Cake designer- Ashley Cakes

Invitations/programs:  Jacqui McKenzie of WeDoInvites

Officiant: Joseph Pufahl (step-father)

DJ- Jeff Simpson

Shoes: Menbur, Denise shoe

Guys Suits/tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Favors: Allison Gellner of RookDesignCo

Wrightsville Manor Wedding | Amber & John


This one has been a long time coming and it’s finally here! My sister Amber and her fiance John tied the knot at the most beautiful venue in Wilmington and had the most stunning details I have seen in a while! A hurricane came through the day before and we were definitely all on pins and needles watching the weather waiting for it to pass. Our prayers were answered and the sun decided to shine the day of and what a beautiful day it was!

There are quite a few more photos than usual with Amber and Johns wedding blog. We had 3 photographers including myself, since I was in the wedding and shooting the wedding. It was a little hectic but I feel so blessed to have been able to stand by my sisters side and document the day of her dreams! A huge thank you to Rob and our intern Amie for rocking it out perfectly as usual.

I hope y’all enjoy this gorgeous wedding, it was absolutely perfect!

2016-09-08_00145v2a0923-12016-09-08_00105v2a0947-1 2016-09-08_00015v2a1139-1   2016-09-08_00035v2a0977-12016-09-08_00195v2a1143-15v2a1020-12016-09-08_00025v2a0961-1 2016-09-08_00185v2a1137-15v2a1155-1 2016-09-08_00205v2a1161-1 2016-09-08_00045v2a1093-12016-09-08_00155v2a1024-1 2016-09-08_00055v2a1125-12016-09-08_0009dsc_0935-1 2016-09-08_00125v2a1180-15v2a1195-1 5v2a1193-1 dsc_0869-12016-09-08_0011 5v2a1224-15v2a1230-12016-09-08_00085v2a1290-15v2a1295-12016-09-08_00215v2a1291-1dsc_1018-15v2a1305-1dsc_1023-1 dsc_1026-12016-09-08_0022 5v2a1352-15v2a1361-1 5v2a1363-1 5v2a1367-1 2016-09-08_00315v2a1624-1 2016-09-08_00325v2a1636-1 2016-09-08_00365v2a1641-1 5v2a1648-15v2a1637-17z1a1115-1 7z1a1118-17z1a1136-1 7z1a1130-1 7z1a1141-1 7z1a1157-1dsc_1335-1 7z1a1184-1 7z1a1227-1dsc_1357-1 7z1a1242-15v2a1380-1 5v2a1385-1  2016-09-08_00305v2a1399-15v2a1419-1  5v2a1529-1 5v2a1548-17z1a1411-1 7z1a1407-1dsc_1090-1dsc_1078-17z1a1360-1 7z1a1365-1 7z1a1383-1 7z1a1389-17z1a1340-27z1a1344-15v2a1788-1 5v2a1790-1 dsc_1126-1  dsc_1133-1   2016-09-08_0029dsc_1125-1dsc_1150-15v2a1510-1dsc_1141-1 5v2a1514-15v2a1732-1 5v2a1729-1 5v2a1727-1 5v2a1740-1 5v2a1783-15v2a1755-1 5v2a1751-1dsc_1633-15v2a1759-15v2a1766-1 5v2a1763-1 5v2a1762-1dsc_1640-1 dsc_1648-15v2a1743-1 5v2a1745-1-2dsc_1473-15v2a1687-12016-09-08_00255v2a1683-2 2016-09-08_00235v2a1716-1 2016-09-08_00275v2a1707-1 2016-09-08_0026dsc_1571-15v2a1714-15v2a1697-1 2016-09-08_00285v2a1708-1  5v2a1710-17z1a1484-1 dsc_1698-1 dsc_1703-17z1a1572-1 7z1a1571-1 7z1a1569-1 7z1a1590-17z1a1554-17z1a1558-17z1a1565-17z1a1598-1 7z1a1612-12016-09-08_00427z1a1724-1 2016-09-08_00417z1a1687-17z1a1607-1 7z1a1599-1  2016-09-08_00407z1a1665-1dsc_1804-17z1a1717-1dsc_1801-17z1a1637-1  7z1a1662-1dsc_1786-1dsc_1827-12016-09-08_00447z1a1704-17z1a1737-12016-09-08_0045dsc_1907-12016-09-08_0039 7z1a1535-1 7z1a1532-17z1a1778-1dsc_1973-1

Amber and John it was an honor to stand by your side and document the most special day for you! We hope you had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!


Venue: Wrightsville Manor

Florist: Beautiful Flowers by June

Caterer: Middle of the Island

Makeup and Hair: Adrianne Lugo and team

Dress designer: Stella York & Jacket – “Essense”

Dress Boutique purchased: Coastal Knot

Bridesmaids Dresses: Allure

Planner: Brittany with BAO Events

Cake designer: Whole Foods

Invitations: “Botanical Border” by Yours Truly

Officiant: Chris Gregg

Videography: Porch Swing Films

DJ: Rodney Axsom

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Guys Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Downtown Durham Wedding | Samantha & Jason

2016-08-30_0014Rob and I were so excited to photograph this sweet couples wedding day!!! We have shot at the Immaculate Church in Durham before but this was our first time at Bay 7 and we get to shoot another gorgeous wedding here again in February for one of Samantha’s good friends, yay! Y’all are going to love all the prettiness from the white rose florals, Samantha’s moms wedding shoes that she wore (how sweet ), and that dress!!!! Sam and Jason y’all were so amazing to work with and we loved everything about your special day!! Enjoy!!



2016-08-30_0006untitled-8963untitled-8925 untitled-8915untitled-8965untitled-9018 untitled-9027 untitled-9046untitled-9062 2016-08-30_0008 untitled-9101 untitled-9126untitled-9340 untitled-9346 untitled-9351 untitled-9389untitled-0277untitled-0109 2016-08-30_0003 untitled-0119untitled-9581 untitled-9598 2016-08-30_0004untitled-9589 untitled-9612untitled-0442 untitled-0441 untitled-9666 untitled-96602016-08-30_0005untitled-9641 untitled-9630 2016-08-30_0012untitled-9715 untitled-9725untitled-0443 untitled-0514 untitled-0501


Sam you’re stunning!! untitled-0511 untitled-0516untitled-0454 untitled-9635untitled-92132016-08-30_0009 untitled-92242016-08-30_0010untitled-9735 2016-08-30_0011untitled-9794 untitled-9864 untitled-9875untitled-9840 untitled-9842 untitled-99172016-08-30_0013 untitled-0101 untitled-0971untitled-9982untitled-0334 untitled-0337

Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Church Durham
Reception Venue: Bay 7
Florist: Expressions of Love Florist
Caterer: Angus Barn
Hair: Sr. Stylist Krystal Johnson with Makeup by Ashley Mooney
Dress designer: Pronovias
Dress Boutique: Designer Loft in NYC
Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN
Videographer: Sugar Shack Films
Cake designer: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery
Invitations/programs: Cabin Fever Craft
Officiant: Fr. Bill McConville
DJ: DJ Bunn
Photobooth: ZimZoom
Lighting: Get Lit Lighting
Groomsmen Suits:
Grooms Suit: J Crew


Downtown Raleigh Wedding | Rebekah & Jon


Be still my heart!! This couple has completely stolen my heart with their love and fun loving spirits! Rebekah and Jon’s wedding may be one of my favorites to date not only because there was so much pink and sparkle, but because their love is definitely one for the books! The smiles, the stolen kisses, and the respect shown for one another is just the best! The details were an added bonus and Rebekah seriously had a smile on her face the whole day. There wasn’t a moment that she wasn’t smiling ear to ear. My favorite part of this day… the first look! Y’all are going to love this sweet sweet couple and their love story!

2016-07-20_0002untitled-8473 2016-07-20_0003untitled-8480 2016-07-20_0004untitled-8492 2016-07-20_0005untitled-8496 untitled-85242016-07-20_0012untitled-8553untitled-8500 2016-07-20_0010untitled-8719untitled-8547untitled-8717untitled-8579 untitled-8585untitled-8584untitled-8593untitled-8604untitled-8608 untitled-86222016-07-20_0011untitled-8611 untitled-8624untitled-8629untitled-8645untitled-8684untitled-8681untitled-8728 2016-07-20_0006 2016-07-20_0007untitled-7214untitled-7239 untitled-7246untitled-8793 2016-07-20_0013untitled-7257untitled-7255 2016-07-20_0014untitled-7271 2016-07-20_0008untitled-7308   untitled-7314untitled-7309untitled-7310 untitled-8976untitled-8969

My favorite!!!! untitled-8978 untitled-8979untitled-8874 untitled-8885untitled-8926     untitled-89122016-07-20_0015untitled-7290untitled-7294untitled-7296untitled-7299untitled-7304 untitled-8937untitled-8952 untitled-8943untitled-9109  untitled-7365untitled-9110untitled-7391 untitled-7412 untitled-9154 untitled-7439untitled-7449  untitled-9195untitled-7455untitled-8997 2016-07-20_0016untitled-8988 untitled-9023untitled-9001untitled-9002untitled-9342 untitled-9338untitled-9369 untitled-9373 untitled-9374 untitled-9377 untitled-93812016-07-20_0009untitled-9486   2016-07-20_0018untitled-9538 2016-07-20_0019

These shoes y’all were so awesome! Definitely one of the best things we have seen at a wedding so far!!! So great for photos and so much fun! untitled-9567untitled-77302016-07-20_0020untitled-7673 untitled-7676untitled-7757


Bridal Suite: The Glass Box

Ceremony Venue: All Saints Chapel

Reception Venue: The Stockroom

Caterer:   Cafe Luna

Makeup and Hair done by: Junction Salon

Bridesmaids Dresses by:  Adrianna Papell

Brides Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Florist: Sweet Sarabell

Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Shumay with Sweet SaraBell

Invitations/programs: Riverkiss Weddings

Officiant:  Janet Lombardo

DJ: All Events DJ