Pinehurst Resort Wedding | Isaac + Sharon

This sweet couple is exactly what we needed on Sunday to help brighten our weekend! We made our way to Pinehurst to celebrate and capture the beautiful Sharon and Isaac as they became husband and wife! These two are as genuine and awesome as they come!! There was not a dull moment to be had on this day! These two are so much fun and you can see their love coming through all of their photos!!! I hope y’all enjoy this gorgeous winter wedding!!!

  • Venue: Pinehurst Resort
  • Florist: Aldena Frye
  • Caterer: Pinehurst Resort
  • Makeup and Hair: Bella Trio
  • Dress designer: Stella York
  • Planner: Lindsay Robb
  • Cake designer: Pinehurst Resort
  • Invitations/programs: D.H. Fitzgerald
  • Officiant: Pr. Samuel Kuo
  • DJ: Showtime Productions
  • Shoes: BHLDN
  • Guys Suits/tuxes: Indochino
  • Favors: Etsy (SayIDoSucculents)


Isaac and Sharon-252016-01-20_0010Isaac and Sharon-29Isaac and Sharon-20

2016-01-20_0009Isaac and Sharon-852016-01-20_0020Isaac and Sharon-872016-01-20_0021Isaac and Sharon-11 Isaac and Sharon-13 Isaac and Sharon-12Isaac and Sharon-30Isaac and Sharon Isaac and Sharon-22016-01-20_0011 Isaac and Sharon-332016-01-20_0001 2016-01-20_0003 2016-01-20_0002


We absolutely love first looks and so happy we could capture this special moment between the two of them!2016-01-20_0004 2016-01-20_0005Isaac and Sharon-35Isaac and Sharon-11Isaac and Sharon-38 Isaac and Sharon-36 2016-01-20_0014Isaac and Sharon-41Isaac and Sharon-39 2016-01-20_0012Isaac and Sharon-42 Isaac and Sharon-45 2016-01-20_0013Isaac and Sharon-52Isaac and Sharon-51Isaac and Sharon-53

My absolute favorite!!!Isaac and Sharon-18 Isaac and Sharon-56Isaac and Sharon-75Isaac and Sharon-22Isaac and Sharon-572016-01-20_0015Isaac and Sharon-61

So gorgeous!!!Isaac and Sharon-59Isaac and Sharon-67Isaac and Sharon-21Isaac and Sharon-19 Isaac and Sharon-20

That bouquet……LOVE!!!! 2016-01-20_0016Isaac and Sharon-68 Isaac and Sharon-69Isaac and Sharon-72Isaac and Sharon-89Isaac and Sharon-24 Isaac and Sharon-26Isaac and Sharon-90 Isaac and Sharon-91Isaac and Sharon-272016-01-20_0018Isaac and Sharon-6 Isaac and Sharon-42016-01-20_0019Isaac and Sharon-832016-01-20_0017Isaac and Sharon-84Isaac and Sharon-82Isaac and Sharon-95 Isaac and Sharon-96 Isaac and Sharon-972016-01-20_0022Isaac and Sharon-100 Isaac and Sharon-101Isaac and Sharon-102 2016-01-20_0023Isaac and Sharon-110Isaac and Sharon-111 2016-01-20_0024Isaac and Sharon-113 Isaac and Sharon-114