New website is LAUNCHED!!

UntitledDrum roll PLEASE!!!! My new website is up and running and I am so excited for everybody to see it!! Launching my new website has been in the works for a while now and the day has finally come! My last website, also my very first meant so much to me. I almost thought about not launching this new one because I was just really proud of my last one. Since day one I have had my other website and practically designed it myself. It was a $50 site but I feel like my whole heart and soul went into it. I mean it has been with me since the beginning and to me that is just so special. I have been wanting a deluxe website for years now but felt I needed other things first. I have spent a lot of the money I have made on my equipment, knowing that was a little more important to me than a high roller site. I wanted to get to the point of where I am at now and charging what I am charging now before changing my website. I know my clients are more important and they deserved to have amazing photos and having the equipment especially for weddings was way more important to me! But the time has come and now that I have all the equipment, I started looking for websites.

Some may call it luck, but I call it a blessing…….winning my website at the CLIC conference! That’s right patience does pay off my friends! All I had to do was hire a designer and that was it. I had been praying for a direction to go with my new website and it was placed right in my lap. I then found Louise with The Autumn Rabbit (web design), and she is amazing!!!

My style is romantic, classic, and simple. I think my website says who I am to a T. It shows my love for pastels, golds, and pinks. It talks about my loves, my inspirations, and who I am as a photographer, but also who I am as an individual. Thank you to my amazing husband for being behind me every step of the way, my family for staring at a computer screen for hours to make sure it was flawless, and my brides for looking over my about me to make sure it was perfect!!! What I do is all for them and am so honored to be able to serve such wonderful ladies!!!

I hope y’all enjoy it! I am a very happy girl!! ❤without rob

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