Jason + Carlyn | Classic Durham Wedding

Y’all are going to love this fall, classic, wedding!
The bride got ready at a beautiful hotel in Raleigh where details were shot to perfection thanks to the gorgeous colors she chose. Carlyn is the definition of a classic bride, I mean look at that Vera Wang dress! TO die for!! Her look, her style, everything! We then headed to a field to take photos of the gorgeous bride and her girls. The lighting was to die for, ahhh that sun-flare!!!!
We couldn’t leave the guys out, so we headed to the local brewery to get some groomsman shots where they were hanging out! The boys always know how to have fun!
The wedding was held at The Cookery in Durham NC, where a beautiful outdoor ceremony was held. It was dark out which made for a romantic and timeless ceremony! Then on to the party where the guests and couple danced the night away! I hope y’all enjoy!!

Florist: Whole Foods
Coordinator: Kelley Kovalesky
Dress Designer: Vera Wang
Bridesmaids Dress: Davids Bridal
Cake Designer: Whole Foods
Linens: CE Rentals
Caterer: Durham Catering Company
Officiant: Stacy Grove
DJ: Mark McNally with Joe Bunn DJ
Invitations: Vistaprint
Hair: Donna Giannini
Makeup: Holly Browne


5V2A53695V2A5370 5V2A53682014-11-24_00015V2A5383

Look at that Vera Wang dress, stunning!!

5V2A53922014-11-24_00025V2A53965V2A5400 5V2A5406 5V2A5413 5V2A54185V2A54392014-11-24_00045V2A54312014-11-24_00035V2A5452 5V2A54615V2A5486 5V2A54892014-11-24_00055V2A54985V2A55025V2A55045V2A55055V2A55072014-11-24_00065V2A5538 5V2A5546 5V2A5555

You are gorgeous Carlyn!!!

5V2A55592014-11-24_00075V2A5579 5V2A5589 5V2A55915V2A5602 5V2A5618 5V2A5625 5V2A5633 5V2A56412014-11-24_00085V2A5697 5V2A5705 5V2A5706 5V2A5711 5V2A57145V2A5780 5V2A5784 5V2A5787 2014-11-24_0009


I have one word for the way Carlyn worked it…..VOGUE!

5V2A57965V2A58002014-11-24_00105V2A58415V2A5866 5V2A58715V2A5874

Probably my favorite!!

5V2A58785V2A5885 5V2A58962014-11-24_00115V2A5940 5V2A59445V2A6003 5V2A6011 5V2A6019 5V2A60215V2A60395V2A6089 5V2A60915V2A6096 5V2A6097 5V2A6106 5V2A61285V2A6137 5V2A6168 5V2A6169


Carlyn with her brother after the ceremony, so much emotion!!! SO sweet!




5V2A6255 5V2A62595V2A6282 5V2A6285 5V2A62885V2A6295 5V2A6296 5V2A62995V2A5984 5V2A5987 5V2A5992 5V2A5996 5V2A59975V2A60255V2A6312 5V2A6320 5V2A6336 5V2A63615V2A63702014-11-24_0012

Love her!5V2A6418


5V2A64285V2A6441 5V2A6480

This photo will go down in Amy Allen Photography history for sure!! I love it!! LOL5V2A6541



5V2A6543 5V2A6548 5V2A6559 5V2A6569 5V2A65985V2A6616 5V2A6623 5V2A66312014-11-24_0013 5V2A6703Congrats Jason and Carlyn!!!

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