Downtown Raleigh Wedding | Matt & Brittney

What can I say about this sweet couple……it’s more like what can I not say about them!! I loved working with Matt and Brittney! From the moment Rob and I met with them we knew they were an AAP couple! Photos were top on their list and even more, serving God and putting Him first was their number one priority. It was about them on their wedding day but they also made sure it was about putting Christ first in their marriage! I felt so honored to be able to capture such sweet emotion, and love in this gorgeous wedding! Y’all are going to just love everything about this day! From the stunning tulle wedding gown to the yummy cake ball exchange! Thank you Matt and Brittney for allowing me to capture your perfect day!

Venue: 214 Martin Street
Florist: Embellished Blooms
Caterer: 214 Martin Street, Chef Matt Thompson
Hair: Wedding Hair by Liz
Make-up: Julie Robbins Makeup
Dress designers: David’d Bridal
Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Cake designer: Raleigh Cake Pops
Invitations/programs made by: David’s Bridal and Etsy
Officiant: Bryan Cheney
DJ- Elevation Entertainment- DJ Shannon Pate
Rings: Diamonds Direct

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That dress!!!!

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Brittney’s bridesmaids and Matt’s groomsmen prayed over them before the wedding! What a sweet moment with friends praying over their marriage!7Z1A4571 7Z1A45767Z1A4623 7Z1A4625

And this is why I do what I do! This emotion and love in one single moment takes my breath away every time!

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My sweet brides turned friends! We missed you Colette! When your brides refer thier friends to you and you get to see them at their weddings…..makes for one happy photographer heart!

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Congrats to Matt and Brittney!!