Daniel + Laura | Blue and Yellow Timberlake House Wedding

Daniel and Laura were a joy to work with this entire process! From their downtown Durham engagement session to their intimate Louisburg wedding at The Timberlake House, they have been amazing!! I loved their yellow and blue themed outdoor wedding and all the details that made everything come together, not to mention the ridiculously fun bridal party! I hope y’all enjoy this fun loving couple and all the gorgeousness we got to capture!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Timberlake House
Makeup and Hair: Whitney Heath
Dress Designer: David Tutera
Boutique Dress was purchased: Savvi Formalwear
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Bill Lekoff
Invitations/Programs: Wedding Paper Divas
DJ: DJ Collin Y
Florist: Harris Teeter
Cake Designer: Whole Foods
Caterer: Canon Catering
Officiant: Angela Burris

Rob and I loved this venue, so charming and the perfect place to say I do!!! 7Z1A8915

7Z1A78517Z1A7853 7Z1A78607Z1A78652015-05-07_00027Z1A7898 7Z1A79067Z1A78992015-05-07_00037Z1A78637Z1A79092015-05-07_00057Z1A79137Z1A79177Z1A7927 7Z1A79312015-05-07_00067Z1A7956 7Z1A7958 7Z1A79597Z1A7963 7Z1A7970 7Z1A79827Z1A7985 7Z1A79987Z1A82197Z1A82347Z1A82427Z1A82447Z1A82527Z1A80337Z1A80492015-05-07_00097Z1A80737Z1A80757Z1A80827Z1A80887Z1A81117Z1A8116


Thank you to one of the lovely bridesmaids for this shot of myself and Laura!


7Z1A81855V2A40932015-05-07_00075V2A41005V2A41285V2A41365V2A41345V2A41445V2A4155 2015-05-07_00087Z1A8132 7Z1A81687Z1A81665V2A41907Z1A8303 7Z1A83427Z1A8345 7Z1A8347 7Z1A83567Z1A83577Z1A83397Z1A83627Z1A83637Z1A8371 7Z1A8376


Love these closeups Rob was able to capture!

5V2A42965V2A43027Z1A83837Z1A8398 7Z1A84105V2A43217Z1A84185V2A4333 5V2A43535V2A43737Z1A86477Z1A86627Z1A86647Z1A86717Z1A86787Z1A86867Z1A87077Z1A8718


Don’t drop the bride!!!



And fail…..they dropped the groom!!! This was too much fun!

7Z1A87277Z1A87537Z1A87557Z1A87687Z1A87587Z1A87717Z1A87757Z1A87767Z1A87937Z1A87957Z1A8804 5V2A4388 5V2A44177Z1A82097Z1A82067Z1A8213 2015-05-07_00107Z1A81497Z1A88137Z1A88167Z1A88157Z1A8811 2015-05-07_00117Z1A8820 7Z1A8821 7Z1A88237Z1A90007Z1A8876 7Z1A88947Z1A8919 7Z1A89377Z1A8938 7Z1A89432015-05-07_00127Z1A8955 7Z1A89607Z1A8961 7Z1A89667Z1A8971 7Z1A89677Z1A8972 7Z1A89827Z1A8984 7Z1A8985 7Z1A89937Z1A8987 7Z1A89897Z1A9039 7Z1A90477Z1A90585V2A4575 7Z1A9093


Time for the garter toss……………



This catch is definitely top 5 that we have seen!!!




And the bouquet toss……



so close!!

7Z1A90832015-05-07_0013 2015-05-07_00147Z1A9407 7Z1A9409Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs. John!

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