Carol | Maternity Session

I cannot even explain how much we love these two! Carol and Jared are such amazing friends and the leaders of our life group! They deserve only the best and with their little one coming soon, their little one is sure to be as sweet as they are! I hope y’all enjoy their maternity session and some of Rob’s photos made an appearance at the end of the blog!





7Z1A00997Z1A0119 7Z1A0093 7Z1A0126 7Z1A01357Z1A0153 7Z1A0157 7Z1A0160 7Z1A0161 7Z1A01667Z1A0170 7Z1A0177 7Z1A0181 7Z1A01897Z1A01957Z1A02697Z1A0270 7Z1A0200 7Z1A02277Z1A0224 7Z1A02307Z1A0282 7Z1A0291 7Z1A0292 7Z1A0301

Rob even shot some for this session and wow!!!!! Below are some of the shots Rob captured!

5V2A9522 5V2A9523 5V2A9530 5V2A9551 5V2A9560 5V2A9606 5V2A9623 5V2A9627


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