Marker 137 Bridal Shower | Amber

This past weekend we made our way to Wilmington where my mom and I threw Amber her bridal shower. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day! We loved hosting the cutest brunch at Marker 137. I love love love this venue, the views are breathtaking! We invited family and Amber’s closest friends that made it so special to see. With a mimosa bar and the cutest cake pops everything was just as we wanted and so gorgeous! A huge thank you to Marker 137 for letting us use their beautiful venue on the waterway and Martha My Dear Rentals for all of the gorgeous furniture and decor!
Amber we cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle and celebrate you and John as a married couple!

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One thought on “Marker 137 Bridal Shower | Amber

  1. We were thrilled to have you at Marker137. It was a beautiful day to celebrate. The decorations were awesome. Thanks so much for choosing Marker 137.

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