Disney Barlcay Villa Wedding | Jen & Lou


Rob and I love it when we meet with a couple and we automatically just mesh with them! We loved their vision for their wedding day and found out we had ALOT in common! Jen was a dancer, Lou is a photographer, and the two of them met on Match.com. So needless to say we had more in common than we knew going into our meeting!
We absolutely love shooting at Barclay Villa especially when Sarah Shumay and her team are coordinating and decorating. We know we are in for a treat when we show up and Saturday was no different! There were the most perfect touches to Jens vision of Disney and the details were spectacular! From the princess gown to the mickey mouse gems we found in the florals! Jen and Lou everything was so beautiful and I am so happy I got to celebrate with you!!

5V2A6659-12016-05-17_00035V2A6664-1 2016-05-17_00015V2A6672-15V2A6591-12016-05-17_00025V2A7209-1 2016-05-17_00045V2A6620-1 5V2A6648-15V2A7203-1 5V2A6715-1 5V2A6718-1 5V2A6751-15V2A6769-1 2016-05-17_00095V2A6781-1 5V2A6792-1 2016-05-17_00105V2A6811-15V2A6867-1 5V2A6928-12016-05-17_00175V2A6880-12016-05-17_0011 5V2A6943-1

I absolutely love when my couples decide to do a first look! We got to shoot so many photos of the two of them and their bridal party without rushing and the light was GORGEOUS! 5V2A6954-1 2016-05-17_00165V2A6961-15V2A6973-1 5V2A6983-15V2A6978-1 5V2A6986-15V2A7009-1 5V2A6993-15V2A7039-1 5V2A7041-1 5V2A7059-15V2A7084-12016-05-17_0012 5V2A7779-15V2A7746-1 5V2A7791-15V2A7099-1 5V2A7139-1  5V2A7106-15V2A7101-15V2A7144-1 5V2A7174-1 5V2A7154-15V2A7181-1 5V2A7196-15V2A7375-1 5V2A7395-1 5V2A7399-15V2A7411-1 5V2A7467-1 5V2A7523-1


Sweet sisters!! 5V2A7577-1

The cutest wedding guests! 5V2A7645-15V2A7817-1  2016-05-17_00075V2A7825-1 2016-05-17_0006 5V2A6894-15V2A6881-1 5V2A6896-1 2016-05-17_00055V2A6890-12016-05-17_00085V2A7222-1 2016-05-17_00145V2A7882-1 5V2A7902-1I loved everything about this daughter father choreographed dance!!!


Lou and Jen we are so happy for you and hope you have a wonderful life together!

Venue- Barclay Villa
Florist- Sarah Shumay
Caterer- Unforgettable Food Affair
Dress designer- Alfred Angelo
Dress Boutique- Maggi Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses- Alfred Angelo
Planner – Sarah Shumay with Sweet Sarabell
Cake designer- Publix
Invitations/programs – VistaPrint
Officiant- Larry Bergstrum
DJ All Events DJ
Guys Suits/tuxes- Mens Warehouse (Vera Wang)

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