Boone Engagement Session | Melissa + Michael

I absolutely love traveling for photo shoots and Boone was no different! My beautiful couple Melissa and Michael went to Appalachian State University so we had to go back to where it all started and document their love story! We walked around campus and then headed to a gorgeous overlook of the mountains!! I was in love with the views and could definitely shoot their all the time!
It was a little cloudy and foggy but the sun came out right when it needed to and the session ended with a little drizzle rainfall which made for a romantic ending to a perfect day!!



7Z1A52097Z1A5230 7Z1A5222 7Z1A52347Z1A5238  7Z1A52517Z1A52627Z1A5254 7Z1A5263 7Z1A52747Z1A5285 7Z1A5295 7Z1A53067Z1A5318 7Z1A5323 7Z1A5334 7Z1A53377Z1A5378 7Z1A5402 7Z1A54087Z1A5416 7Z1A5424 7Z1A54297Z1A5417 7Z1A5450 7Z1A5454 7Z1A54717Z1A5470 7Z1A5476

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