Wrightsville Beach Engagement Session | Rachael + Phillip

Rob and I got to photograph the most beautiful sunrise engagement session! I literally shrieked out loud numerous times during this session, I could not hold in my excitement for this light, perfect location, and this gorgeous couple! We met super early at Wrightsville beach but good gracious it was totally worth it! I hope y’all enjoy all of this prettiness on the blog today! Rachael and Phillip we cannot wait to shoot your March wedding next year!!

7Z1A79457Z1A79447Z1A7958 7Z1A79755V2A79565V2A7988 7Z1A79797Z1A7981 7Z1A8000 7Z1A80327Z1A80345V2A79987Z1A80457Z1A8046 7Z1A8058 7Z1A8047 7Z1A80707Z1A8060


Loving this shot Rob captured…I love silhouette shots!! Especially on the beach!


5V2A7995 7Z1A80947Z1A8110 7Z1A81047Z1A81157Z1A8123 7Z1A8128 7Z1A81397Z1A8143 7Z1A81415V2A80385V2A80357Z1A8150 5V2A80457Z1A8167 7Z1A8175 7Z1A81727Z1A8184 7Z1A81937Z1A8188 7Z1A82605V2A80927Z1A8261 7Z1A82657Z1A82765V2A81017Z1A82787Z1A82805V2A81047Z1A8314

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