Baby Shower for Paisley | Life Group

Rob and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful tight knit group of friends that pour out their hearts and love to us! Thank you so much to out New Hope Church life group for throwing us a beautiful baby shower for Miss Paisley! Everything was beautiful and so yummy!!!

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We cannot wait to have play dates with all the little ones in our group!

7Z1A7065 7Z1A70537Z1A7075


Everyone in our life group is very competitive, especially the guys! Playing games can sometimes be a bit comical, and Jared’s face says it all while playing baby jeopardy!

7Z1A70827Z1A7086 7Z1A7093 7Z1A70957Z1A71007Z1A7097


The moment both Rob and I teared up! He will definitely be a hero in Paisley’s eyes, just like he is in mommy’s eyes!

7Z1A71107Z1A7114Love these ladies with all of my heart!!!

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