Chapel Hill Carriage House Wedding | Steven + Katherine

Rob and I absolutely love shooting at new venues and venturing out to new locations for weddings and The Chapel Hill Carriage House did not disappoint! The weather was iffy at first, but then it turned into a beautiful day for Steven and Katherine to be joined together as husband and wife! Katherine’s details were to die for….I am still swooning over that dress and those florals!!

We have so much in common with these two as they are both serve our community! With Steven being a police officer, he and Rob got along very well!!! 🙂 We absolutely love capturing a wedding day but when it hits so close to home it means so much to us!! We also had our intern Amie shoot some and are so happy to share some of her photos below as well as they are gorgeous!

I hope y’all enjoy this beautiful wedding we were so thrilled to capture!

7Z1A0637 7Z1A0543 2015-06-05_00037Z1A06457Z1A06427Z1A06087Z1A05587Z1A06567Z1A05542015-06-05_00047Z1A05897Z1A0582 2015-06-05_00057Z1A05782015-06-05_00027Z1A15092015-06-05_00017Z1A04997Z1A04777Z1A04862015-06-05_00077Z1A0628  7Z1A0630 7Z1A06817Z1A0718 7Z1A0715 7Z1A0740

7Z1A0745 7Z1A07645V2A50655V2A50685V2A50725V2A50765V2A50825V2A50985V2A51407Z1A07815V2A51095V2A51225V2A51125V2A51285V2A51357Z1A1384


We love, love, love first looks!!!

7Z1A07845V2A5153 7Z1A0796 7Z1A08025V2A51657Z1A0806 7Z1A0811 7Z1A08157Z1A0818 7Z1A08497Z1A0882 7Z1A0888 7Z1A0912 7Z1A08937Z1A0921 7Z1A0950 7Z1A09575V2A52047Z1A0964 2015-06-05_0006 7Z1A0524 7Z1A0525DSC_11787Z1A1023 7Z1A1073DSC_11877Z1A1081 7Z1A1088 7Z1A11027Z1A1115DSC_1199 7Z1A1217 7Z1A12297Z1A1243DSC_1228 7Z1A1251 7Z1A1253 7Z1A1265 7Z1A12805V2A53505V2A53557Z1A13135V2A5339

7Z1A1312 7Z1A1346 7Z1A1347 7Z1A1350 7Z1A1357DSC_12477Z1A1378 7Z1A1396 7Z1A1403 7Z1A14127Z1A1414 7Z1A1427 7Z1A1432



5V2A5552DSC_1274DSC_1275 7Z1A14597Z1A1485 7Z1A14917Z1A1463 7Z1A15227Z1A15215V2A55325V2A55355V2A5536 7Z1A15295V2A55412015-06-06_00025V2A5566 7Z1A15397Z1A1571 7Z1A1588 7Z1A1597

Venue: Chapel Hill Carriage House
Florist: University Florist
Makeup and Hair: Perfection by Patricia
Caterer: Charles Harrison
Cake Designer: Sugarland
Officiant: Sgt Joe Thomas with Carrboro Police Dept.
Dress Designer: Davids Bridal
Wedding Coordinator: Kirstin Hose
Invitations: Magnet Street
Tuxes: Vera Wang


Congrats Steven and Katherine!! We hope you had a wonderful time in Charleston!!

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