Our first baby shower for Paisley

Rob and I cannot explain our love and thankfulness for all of our family and friends that were able to make it to our first baby shower! We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! A huge thank you to Keli, Robs sister for throwing us the cutest southern, girly shower ever! The details were to die for, and we loved every part of it!! It was absolutely perfect!! A huge thank you to Rob for all the photos!

Thank you to the wonderful vendors that made everything gorgeous!

Cake Designer: Randi with Sugar Euphoria
Rentals: GreenHouse Picker Sisters
Invitations: Party Invites and More from Etsy

5V2A4798 5V2A48015V2A48075V2A4800


Audrey was so excited about Paisleys shower!!

5V2A4810 5V2A4811

2015-05-18_00185V2A4819 2015-05-18_0019  5V2A48252015-05-18_00215V2A48455V2A48392015-05-18_00205V2A48425V2A48315V2A5059 5V2A5060 5V2A5062


When I walked through the door, I was in shock of all the gorgeousness!! It has finally hit us that our sweet southern bell will be with us so soon!!

5V2A48565V2A4852 5V2A4848 5V2A4871


Game time!!

5V2A4873 5V2A4874 5V2A48755V2A4881 5V2A4887


So happy…..this day was the best!!



I got a little emotional when I used the cake knife from our wedding to cut the baby shower cake.



Our big helper!5V2A48855V2A4906 5V2A4915


A little Moose for Paisley, I mean seriously!!?? Cutest gift EVER!



When you realize you need more than one bed sheet! We have so much to learn!! LOL

5V2A4929 5V2A4944 5V2A4945 5V2A4965


A paisley print piggy bank, thank you sister!!


5V2A4982 5V2A50035V2A5008 5V2A5012 5V2A50155V2A5016 5V2A5017


Everyone that was able to come…..what a wonderful group of ladies!5V2A5022


I have the best friends and so glad they were able to share this special day with me and Rob!


So happy my mom and sister could make it to Raleigh for the weekend!!

5V2A5040 5V2A50425V2A5044


Audrey cannot wait to meet her cousin Paisley! It is the cutest! 5V2A5046


And of course the amazing person behind all of this prettiness. Love this in law family of mine!!


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