Taylor + Alex | Durham Engagement Session

Taylor and Alex traveled from out of town for their Durham engagement session ! They wanted something gorgeous, fun, and romantic! What better than a beautiful field and river to play in! These two were so much fun and definitely troopers when getting in the water! So in love with all of these photos!!! I hope y’all enjoy!



7Z1A46715V2A26747Z1A46665V2A26755V2A26767Z1A4672 7Z1A46765V2A26937Z1A4681 7Z1A46797Z1A46857Z1A4696 7Z1A4702 7Z1A4708 7Z1A4713 7Z1A47147Z1A47185V2A27005V2A2701 7Z1A4719 7Z1A4732 7Z1A4734


These next two Rob captured are truly my favorites!!! Swoon!!!

5V2A27075V2A2709 7Z1A47447Z1A4738 7Z1A47695V2A2725 7Z1A47707Z1A47747Z1A47787Z1A4776 7Z1A47777Z1A4783 7Z1A4787 7Z1A47992015-04-21_0001


Be still my heart, Rob captured their love perfectly here!!

5V2A27477Z1A4808 7Z1A4825 7Z1A48317Z1A4833 7Z1A48402015-04-21_0002 7Z1A48455V2A2774 7Z1A4852

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