Tim + Chelsea | Classic Fearrington Wedding

Rob and I absolutely loved shooting Chelsea and Tim’s wedding at The Fearrington. There is something about a southern wedding and when you place it with the perfect southern venue you know nothing but perfection is going to come from it! From the cows, to the barn, to the golden sunlight hitting the brides veil this wedding was one for the books. Loving every detail shot and every moment captured from this gorgeous spring wedding!

Venue: Fearrington Inn and Barn
Make-up and Hair : Mina’s Studio in Chapel Hill
Dress : Monique Lhuillier – Bliss Collection
Boutique : Alexia’s Bridal, Raleigh, NC
Videographer : Bryce Mcnabb
Cake : Emma Isakoff (Fearrington)
Band : Blue Label from Philadelphia, PA
Officiant : Katie Henry Murad
Shoes : Benjamin Adams


5V2A13302015-04-14_00027Z1A13042015-04-14_00037Z1A1306   7Z1A1314 7Z1A1316 7Z1A13257Z1A14742015-04-14_00137Z1A14822015-04-14_00047Z1A13732015-04-14_00207Z1A13472015-04-14_00167Z1A15767Z1A14507Z1A14562015-04-14_00067Z1A14077Z1A15037Z1A15147Z1A14997Z1A1490


Chelsea and Tim incorporated a black “No One Fights Alone” bracelet for their bridal party to wear in awareness of Tim’s grandfathers illness.

2015-04-14_00147Z1A1531 7Z1A15352015-04-14_0015 7Z1A1604 7Z1A16117Z1A16177Z1A16217Z1A16287Z1A1630 2015-04-14_00187Z1A16457Z1A16537Z1A16467Z1A16937Z1A16917Z1A1705 2015-04-14_0017

You are gorgeous Chelsea!


7Z1A17237Z1A1724 2015-04-14_00232015-04-14_00197Z1A1751


I love having Rob as my second shooter!! I always know he is going to get the most amazing groom/groomsmen details!


5V2A13442015-04-14_00115V2A13435V2A1401 5V2A1432 5V2A1437 5V2A14435V2A1498 5V2A1502 5V2A15035V2A15282015-04-14_00085V2A1259

How beautiful is this southern venue!2015-04-14_00095V2A12695V2A1284 2015-04-14_00105V2A12892015-04-14_00125V2A18642015-04-14_0025


And this is why we do what we do! Capturing the raw emotion and pure love one has for another! Chelsea made for one stunning bride, and when walking down the aisle the love for Tim was written all over her face knowing she was about to marry the man of her dreams!


7Z1A1867 7Z1A1869 7Z1A18747Z1A1877 7Z1A1879 7Z1A18807Z1A1887


I had to share a photo of this little rascal that decided to run down the middle of the aisle during the ceremony. Thank you Lord he decided to be good and not jump on anybody and scare any of the kids! 🙂7Z1A1902 7Z1A19067Z1A1912 7Z1A19505V2A17875V2A1800 7Z1A19595V2A1803 5V2A1809


Rob and I absolutely love working with the bridal parties. But this one takes top 5 for sure! This group was so much fun and had so much personality! Work it y’all!!

7Z1A2148 5V2A18437Z1A2159 7Z1A21777Z1A2183 7Z1A2098  7Z1A21007Z1A20997Z1A2104 7Z1A2106 7Z1A21107Z1A2115 7Z1A2118 7Z1A21257Z1A2126 7Z1A21277Z1A2131 7Z1A21377Z1A2212


When one of the family members can’t attend your wedding, you bring a photo of them and take a photo!



7Z1A2216 7Z1A22247Z1A22037Z1A22107Z1A22097Z1A22367Z1A22495V2A18987Z1A17932015-04-14_00057Z1A17827Z1A17842015-04-14_00227Z1A17747Z1A17787Z1A1775 2015-04-14_0021 7Z1A2321 7Z1A2325 7Z1A2332 7Z1A23337Z1A2350 7Z1A2355 7Z1A2357 7Z1A24107Z1A2412 7Z1A2436 7Z1A2448


Best band by far! We would pay to see them in concert, what a treat it was to hear them all night!

7Z1A2497 7Z1A25027Z1A2535 7Z1A25417Z1A2544

Tim’s face says it all!




When the final 4 is playing while your reception is going on, you might find this at one of the tables!!




Oh how I love my brides!


I am obsessed with this last photo Rob took of the Fearrington! Southern wedding at it’s finest! 5V2A2004

Congrats Tim and Chelsea, have a  wonderful time in the Dominican!

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