Mentor session | Amie

I had the privilege of mentoring a gorgeous gal who has an absolute passion for photography! We were able to shoot a stunning couple and we all definitely braved the cold! When I am hosting a mentor session I love to have them come in with lots of questions and let me know exactly what they are wanting to learn/leave with from the session! Amie wanted to learn how to shoot in harsh sun, so we set out at 2:00 and shot Brittney and Matt in an open field and boy was it freezing! The wind chill felt like -20 degrees but everyone were such sports. We then headed back to my office ordered some pizza, and went over editing, marketing, social media, and so much more! Rob even got some Q&A in!! 🙂
Be on the look out for this gal she is going to be amazing!


Below are some photos I captured while teaching and explaining lighting and posing!

5V2A6905 5V2A69105V2A6912 5V2A6941


Brides be sure to ask your photographer exactly how they feel about shooting at certain times and what they recommend as far as ceremony times and portrait times. Shooting in the harsh sun is definitely one of my least favorite things to do. You get squinty eyes, overexposed backgrounds, and it just isnt flattering to most. Be sure to go over your timeline with your photographer when deciding on times for the wedding!!!! An hour before sunset is the perfect time to get the most flattering photos and to get that gorgeous glow!

This photo was taken around 2:30 pm and was filled with harsh sun!! We learn to work around these conditions, and do out best to make everyone look gorgeous! 🙂

5V2A6943 5V2A69505V2A6957 5V2A69625V2A6993 5V2A7013 5V2A7029 5V2A7032


I love getting headshots for up and coming photographers! Amie I promise more in the spring when we can actually feel our fingers!! ❤5V2A7035 5V2A7036 5V2A7037 5V2A7044 5V2A7055 5V2A7058 5V2A7066 5V2A7077 5V2A7078

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