Nathan + Amanda | Lake Front Vintage Chic DIY Wedding

I am so excited to share this lake front vintage chic wedding with y’all!! It was completely DIY by the bride herself and the help of some family and bridal party! She definitely pulled it off, and the details were to die for! You will swoon over the decor and the perfect little antique touches Amanda perfectly placed together!
Nathan and Amanda are from and live in Texas, and actually decided to get married here in NC in her aunt and uncles backyard which has the prettiest view ever! This lake front house was to die for!! And what a perfect place to say “I do”.
This had to be one of the most touching weddings I’ve done in a while. From the grooms face when he saw his bride walking down the aisle, to the speeches…….. I got so choked up when Amanda’s sister gave hers, to them leaving their little girl Madison to go on their honey moon! These two are so perfect for each other!! ❤










5V2A91725V2A93705V2A93735V2A91815V2A91865V2A91912014-10-08_00055V2A91882014-10-08_00062014-10-08_0007Nathan got Amanda jewelry to wear on the wedding day as her wedding gift so I got to photograph two sets of details! I was so excited….details are my favorite!!


Way to go Nathan!!!! These were gorgeous!!!

5V2A9362 5V2A9366Girl time!!!

5V2A9263 5V2A9255 2014-10-08_00145V2A9483 2014-10-08_0013

2014-10-08_00125V2A95185V2A9525 5V2A95282014-10-08_00155V2A9554 5V2A9563 5V2A9566


Amanda you are gorgeous!!!

5V2A9569 5V2A9409 5V2A9430 5V2A9428

Nathan opening up Amanda’s wedding day gifts. “Socks in case you get cold feet” was one of my faves!!

2014-10-08_0011  5V2A9386 5V2A9392 5V2A93962014-10-08_00325V2A92785V2A01725V2A01635V2A01775V2A0185

Great shot Rob!!! My favorite so far that he has taken!!!!


5V2A01812014-10-08_00315V2A93062014-10-08_00275V2A97725V2A9702 5V2A97125V2A9742 5V2A97405V2A9745

I am loving this shot Rob got below!

IMG_0501 5V2A9780 5V2A9781 5V2A9796 5V2A98025V2A9826 5V2A9830 5V2A9837





Nathan and Amanda’s little girl Madison was the cutest!!!


5V2A98745V2A9958 5V2A9964 5V2A9969 5V2A99755V2A0008 5V2A0016 5V2A0022 5V2A00485V2A0053 5V2A0065 5V2A00715V2A00765V2A00805V2A0082 5V2A0088 5V2A0096 5V2A0098 5V2A0101 5V2A0105


I was so excited when I saw these next couple photos on Robs camera! Perfection!IMG_0555


IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_05605V2A0114


You two are perfect!!! Stunning!

5V2A0121 5V2A0123 5V2A0125

So glad I didn’t fall into the lake getting this shot! Thankful for Rob who spots me!!!


5V2A0136 5V2A0137 5V2A0139 5V2A01595V2A0222

A quick shot of me and the bride while the bridesmaids were bustling her dress!! Love her!!


Get ready for some amazing details!

2014-10-08_00165V2A92862014-10-08_00175V2A0240 2014-10-08_0018 2014-10-08_00205V2A96472014-10-08_00235V2A9646 2014-10-08_0029 2014-10-08_00285V2A9642 2014-10-08_0026 2014-10-08_00255V2A0232 2014-10-08_00245V2A9634

First dance as husband and wife!

5V2A0293 5V2A0304 5V2A0306 5V2A0309 5V2A0312 5V2A03795V2A0387 5V2A0391 5V2A0394

Dance party time!

5V2A0658 5V2A06755V2A0694 5V2A0785 5V2A0890 5V2A0912 5V2A0969 5V2A09985V2A1050 5V2A1075

All eyes on the garter…….


and still…….all eyes on the garter!!! lol Anybody!!?5V2A1113 5V2A1131 5V2A11345V2A1151

I always love taking my bride and groom away for about 10  minutes to get some awesome shots at night! Thank you Nathan and Amanda for trusting me on this one!! Simply gorgeous!! ❤5V2A1193


5V2A1194 5V2A1201 5V2A1278 5V2A1304

Congrats again you too! We hope you had a fabulous time in the Bahamas!!


Florist- Brides and Bouquets
Caterer- Adam’s Roadside BBQ
Cake Designer- Debbie Littleton
Invitations- Roque Haines
Programs- Morgan Creager
Officiant- Lee Colbert
DJ- Rob Parrish

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