Chelsea + Tim | Engagement Session in Durham


I loved working with these two! I love how they can be so silly one minute and then so romantic and lovey dovey the next! Chelsea and Tim wanted to shoot in Durham and I was totally okay with that as I love the scenery at the Tobacco Campus! So ready for this 2015 wedding! Congrats y’all!! 2014-07-02_0010 5V2A1776 5V2A1781 5V2A1804 5V2A1809 2014-07-02_0008 5V2A1836  5V2A18315V2A18175V2A18195V2A17705V2A17622014-07-02_00095V2A18415V2A18485V2A18545V2A18615V2A18965V2A18905V2A18795V2A18725V2A18645V2A18995V2A19062014-07-02_00065V2A19092014-07-02_00052014-07-02_00075V2A19492014-07-02_00045V2A19425V2A19232014-07-02_0003

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